Saturday, 15 December 2012

Why I Don't Write (Much) On Local Politics Nowadays

Because, at some point in time, it started writing about itself.

Change in government? Forget about it, says Rais

Najib: LGBTs, liberalism, pluralism are enemies of Islam

Dress like a YB, feel like a YB

Chua: Even the Chinese look up to BN now

Growing Chinese clout may cause new May 13, says Ibrahim Ali

Ibrahim Ali: I am a victim of jealousy

Perkasa: Impossible for Malays to compete economically because of Islam

Sexist remarks due to provocation, says Bung Mokhtar

Bung Mokhtar defends F-bomb, says to ‘teach’ lesson to churls

Shahrizat: Women get equal treatment under BN

Najib launches Ah Jib Gor fan club

Residents: DAP bowed to PAS and forced 'sexy' singer off the stage

Speakers sing 'battle songs' for BN's victory

Dr M insists Arabs incapable of planning 9/11 attacks

Dr M defends policies, says Jews created problems

Dr M says US moms are promiscuous in attack against US free speech

Dr M: We are better than Singapore, 'so-so' ASEAN neighbours and US

Dr M: Many things will be destroyed if opposition rules

"Better the devil you know", Dr M tells voters

Dr M: Reject BN and opposition will destroy country

Dr M: Privilege for non-Malays to keep race image

Be careful of your actions, Dr M warns daughter

Give something up to ensure long-term stability — Mahathir

Dr M: More Chinese independent schools will divide people

Reforms could lead to extremism, Dr M warns Najib

Dr M: Opposition is 'privileged' in committing criminal acts

Dr M: Rethink absolute freedom on Net

BN still weak because of Pak Lah, Dr M tells Johor Umno

Expect 'unceasing violence' if Pakatan loses elections, says Dr M

Dr M refutes daughter's claim of police violence during Bersih 3.0

Bersih rally aimed to topple government, says Dr M

Pakatan vows to up Malaysia's graft rank to world top 30

...and so on.

At least I'm less stressed and have more time to concentrate on stuff like:

Publisher's Weekly names EL James "Publishing Person of the Year"

...which I can go to town, city and kampung with, without worry. Except that Washington Post book critic Ron Charles already beat me to it.


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