Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sometimes, Life IS Like That

Is "series" singular or plural?

Editors are supposed to have answers to questions like this at their fingertips. Sometimes, they don't.

One is tempted to let things stand, but considering what the back cover copy is for, that was not an option.

Searching Google yielded:

Series can be a singular or a plural noun, depending on its meaning. When it is used to refer to a single set of things, it takes a singular verb even if it is followed by the preposition of and a plural noun: A series of medical tests is planned for next week. When series refers to two or more sets of things, it takes a plural verb: Three series of medical tests are planned for next week.

Subsequent searches confirmed the above. All right, then. Singular it is, like the thing we're referring to. Which is...

Probably appearing in bookstores early 2013; subject to change

Did an author's past blog post help her editor with her own upcoming book? Yes, it did. As far as I know, this doesn't happen often.

More about this project when it comes out of the presses.


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