Friday, 24 June 2005

How Not to Start the Day, Part I

One 21 June, the Minister in the PM’s Department blew his top in Parliament in such a way that defies belief.

The MPs were debating the Malaysian Medical Council's decision to no longer recognise medical degrees issued by Ukraine's Crimea State Medical University. The decision unfortunately affected a number of Indian students. The discussion got somewhat heated, and said Minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz, added fuel to the fire with outbursts (which I translated) such as:

"Yes, sit, sit, sit, sit, racist, this Ipoh Barat (refers to M Kula Segaran, DAP and MP of West Ipoh) is racist, sit, sit."

"Sit, racism, racism, racism, this is racism, sit, enough."

"Bloody racist, racist, racist, racist..."

The MP being harangued spoke up, only to be told by Nazri, "Sit, racism, you are racist, racist, you are racist, you have got no place in this country. Malaysia doesn't want racists, you are racist."

The drama starts at the end of page 127 of this document. I'm surprised this was actually on public record.

And that is why, you should never, ever skip breakfast.


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