Friday, 24 June 2005

How Not to Start the Day, Part II

My project manager entered the office, and by way of greeting, recalled the gory details of an accident site she passed by this morning (probably the one I heard on the radio, the one near Bandar Utama).

"It was so terrible," she went. "The body was pinned under the lorry, there was blood everywhere... the victim's organs were scattered all over..."

Good morning to you, too.

"...there was blood and organs on the floor, and the policeman had to use newspapers to scoop it all up and take it away..."

Forget what I said earlier. Skip breakfast if you want to.


  1. She's probably one of those people who slow down to see all the gory details. Now you know who to blame for all the jams!

  2. yea that's gross..

    btw I remembered you now! =)))

  3. Nope, not the best thing to hear in the morning.


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