Monday, 27 January 2014

News: CSI: Metafilter, U-Turn On Mein Kampf U-Turn, And Coffee

So this book got published:

Stronger than an ice-shaken triple-shot espresso

I'm pitching this because I like how it's blurbed. Having proofread some of the stories inside, I can pretty much concur.

The publisher has a habit of stopping reprints of its titles after a certain period, so go get it now.

Other things that happened include:

  • Ask Metafilter and ye shall receive (help to solve a 20-year-old mystery): Some "cancer-addled ramblings" may actually be prayers.
  • Are stories better than science in helping us approach life's complexities?
  • Do these figures show the decline of the American book lover? Has anyone compiled similar figures for Malaysia?
  • Was a blind spot responsible for Grantland's inadvertent outing of a transgendered person that ended with a suicide?
  • Can you make kids love books? Short answer: No. "...if a parent wants a child to read, then they should not push a book on the child. Let the child discover the book for herself." After all, isn't the adventure and thrill of discovering something great a huge part of why we open books?
  • Fifty Shades publisher Vintage Books to release a book on Edward Snowden. Sounds like it's gonna be good.
  • Bavaria makes U-turn (away from another U-Turn) on an academically annotated edition of Mein Kampf, a best-selling e-book.
  • "Outstanding schools" in the UK are reportedly having trouble recruiting headteachers and senior staff from applicants who can't spell and have bad grammar. Time to recall all the expat English teachers in China, Korea, etc?
  • Seems little has changed in South America since the first South American Handbook was first published in 1924. For one, Chilean youths "still stare at ladies" and "make audible remarks on [the ladies'] appearance" because this "is not rude according to the Chilean canons, but rather correct conduct."
  • Look, the "DNA" of a successful book. Funny how men don't seem to cop to reading books under the "Adult" category.
  • Wall Street Journal Asia talked to maybe three or four people and decides that Malaysia's coffee scene is heating up. Really now?

    Elsewhere, like in France, the coffee is bad. Maybe Artisan Roast KL can swoop in and help out.


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