Tuesday, 21 January 2014

News: "Overrated" American Literature, Found In Translation, And Books

American literature is "massively overrated" and "our reading habit has totally been transformed by the mainstream", says Jhumpa Lahiri at the Jaipur literature festival, according to dna India. SHOCK GASP WHEEZE ... Especially when The Guardian says that Guo Xiaolu said those words. So, who really said what?

The point of the discussion was about a "global novel", and the writers on the panel, which include Guo, Lahiri and Jonathan Franzen, were talking about whether the tsunami of US literature has washed the stuff from other countries out of our reading consciousness. Franzen didn't seem fazed by what Guo (or Lahiri) said, FYI.

A couple of FIXI-related tweets:

FIXI Verso, a new branch of Amir Muhammad's mainly pulp imprint that publishes translations of English novels, has released BM editions of Stephen King's Joyland and Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Fans soon asked for more, but:

Well, anyhoo...

  • Meet Shirin Segran, author of a 450-page science-fiction adventure novel and founder of a youth NGO, profiled in The Star. Meanwhile, South China Morning Post speaks with Hong Kong-born stockbroker-turned-author Julian Lees. And Lee Su Kim airs some laundry, from kebaya tales to sarong secrets.
  • A new Pew study reveals that print is holding its own in the face of growing acceptance of e-books.
  • Seems US schools are having trouble getting students to read because of the focus on an exam syllabus.
  • Rizzoli, a bookstore on New York's Fifth Avenue that boasts a clientèle which includes Madonna, Michael Jackson, the Queen of Thailand, Elton John and controversial Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, may have to close.
  • Why was a book on Air India pulled off the shelves?
  • Machines aren't good enough to spot potential best-sellers - but they will be.
  • Malaysian publishing house seeking Stuff to publish. FEED ME.
  • This year, let's try and stop making these linguistic mistakes. And, by the way, are you using "myself" correctly?
  • Is this a kangaroo on a 16th century Portuguese manuscript? And if it is, can it alter a chapter in Australian history?


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