Thursday, 1 May 2008

Island Adventure

No time to wax lyrical over this latest misadventure. I'm tired, and my head is still in sync with the movements of the waves. I won't be walking in a straight line until I wake up tomorrow.

Pulau Ketam (a.k.a Crab Island) Labour Day adventure! In point form.

  • Boat rides were OK, but wish they'd play more uplifting music instead of Chinese oldies and karaoke discs.
  • It is not so bad when the boats move; it's even worse when they don't.
  • The island is apparently the tourist destination for Klang Valley denizens too cheap to fly AirAsia.
  • Try not to pay too much attention to the floatsam on the water.
  • Who could imagine anything on stilts and concrete pylons could be so secure?
  • Oyster and la-la omelette is made the Penang way - but still not up to par.
  • Live crabs in plastic drums on display in the market district - animal cruelty.
  • The umbrella-hats are real. Resisted the urge to buy one.
  • Kim Hoe Restaurant no longer serves the very, very best crab bee hoon. A fact totally lost upon the holidaying rubes from the asphalt jungle. At least the crabs were nice.
  • Sewage goes into sea; ocean bounty returns to land. Island-style circle of life. Yum.
  • Most locals keep their doors open.
  • On the island, Ah Sui is the Tesco of dessicated shrimp and dried seafood.
  • When in the bathroom, make judicious use of tap water.
  • Tragic to see so many people using the sea as a trash can.
  • Eat light - or not at all - before getting onto a boat.
  • What kind of maniac would spend days in a chalet that's more like a prison cell atop a floating fish farm, doing nothing but fish?
  • Walk slowly and gently on the planks and don't look too closely at the wavelets showing through the gaps and cracks in the timber. Do not run, stomp or jump. Try not to fall in, either. The barramundi (siakap) are not picky eaters.
  • Baby tiger garoupas are cute; red snappers are snappy.
  • GreenWay fish farm tour was conducted mainly in two Chinese dialects. Not very educational. Maybe because I was in an all-Chinese group.
  • Watch your head on boats.
  • Weather behaved itself. And sea breezes can be cooler than air-conditioning.
  • Next time, don't forget the motion-sickness pills. Maybe some sunscreen, too.


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