Wednesday, 20 August 2014

MPH Quill, Issue 42, July to September 2014

Yes, MPH's Quill magazine is still being produced. This issue has radio and TV host Azura Zainal (whose masterclass on hosting we'd published.

(Yes, I may have skipped an issue or two. Work and all that.)

Highlights include:

  • Leon Wing looks at smartphone addiction and highlights some serious mishaps involving the devilish devices.
  • Charmaine Augustin goes from broadcasting to gourmet foods with her venture Passion Doux. Shantini Suntharajah speaks to her about her sweet business.
  • Shantini also chats with HR consultant, cat lady and maestro of macarons Anna Tan on coaching, cats and cakes.
  • HANDS Percussion and their latest production, Tchaikovsky on Gamelan, is also featured in this issue. Several of my colleagues attended the performance last night.
  • Juan Margrita Gabriel went to Pulau Banding and the Belum Rainforest Resort and was captivated by what she found there.
  • Who's "Storm Chase" and how did he/she end up contributing these tips to "rescue your relationship"?

All this and more in this issue.


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