Monday, 23 December 2013

News: Cooking Anarchy, Letter-Writing, And Whatever

William Powell, author of The Anarchist Cookbook regrets writing it and wants it out of print.

Written when he was 19 and angry, "the central idea to the book was that violence is an acceptable means to bring about political change. I no longer agree with this."

No kidding, considering that the book, dubbed by some as a "murder manual", has been linked to a bunch of violent plots. But the book's publisher, who owns the rights, wants to keep it on the shelves.

What goes on the Web, stays on the Web, they say. Looks like the same goes for print.

So, what else went on?

  • The ten best lines from Anthony Bourdain's Kindle Singles Q&A makes you want to pick it up
  • No Mistake, an editor's memoir. Wondering if it's anything like a tell-all a la Kitchen Confidential?
  • RIP Paul Torday, author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.
  • The seemingly random list of books banned from Guantánamo.
  • The argument for negative book reviews, partly in response to Buzzfeed's 'ban' on them.
  • has an infographic on what it considers the top ten grammar mistakes and why they should be avoided, brought to you by Lifehacker.
  • I don't know enough about NYT columnist Ross Douthat's (almost spelled it "Doubthat") "notorious" mansplaining tendencies, but this attempt at reviewing books with his mindset sounds interesting.
  • E-mail killed the art of writing letters? Nuh-uh, says a WaPo review of To the Letter: A Celebration of the Lost Art of Letter Writing by Simon Garfield. "In 1919, the Yale Review lamented that 'the art of writing letters has been lost,' with blame cast on the telephone, the typewriter, the telegraph, even the train — for delivering letters too promptly."
  • Heartbreaking: the looting of one of Italy's oldest libraries - and the librarian was among the culprits.
  • So Facebook wants to know why you didn't share that status update: Well, WHAT'S IT TO YOU, FACEBOOK?
  • John Scalzi reminisces on the word processors he's used through the ages: He also rebuffs the notion that "self-loathing is in the writer's blood". And here's his take on the "death of the blog".
  • Why putting numbers in text might not be a good idea.
  • Is this real? Someone who has a severe allergy to (particles trapped in) BOOKS?
  • Is the small book the answer to our TL;DR syndrome?
  • Tired of selfies? Here are some "shelfies" - and they don't disappoint.
  • Because it's France, France decided that it needed a French word for sexting "because the phenomenon often comes up in legal cases", apparently.

    And it seems that the word that annoys Americans the most is ... "whatever".

Not book-related, but I found this article about Ooi Eow Jin, Malaysia's "forgotten" music man, a somewhat powerful piece of writing. Read it before he and his era are forgotten again.


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