Monday, 12 August 2013

Somebody Thinks This Is Funny

I was getting off work, thinking of the big Cadbury chocolate bar and other stuff I'm about to get to help me wind down.

Then my day was ruined.

Looks like the Readings from Readings sniping has resumed.

And somebody scrawled my name on one of the bullets.

To put it nicely: I AM NOT PLEASED.

For one, I'm very picky with what I read. Also, double exclamation marks?

If you want to impersonate me online, at least do some homework.

And yes, I had some history with Readings, but that's so Shang Dynasty.

I already wrote a review for it - and it'll be the only review for this series of books.

It's nice that they took the trouble - or maybe it's another "Alan KW Wong" they're trying to set up - but I don't like my name being used in what I assume is a personal, puerile beef with the editors, contributors or publishers of this book.

I don't even want to respond to this, but I still remember the Readings-related online shitstorm. I was actually worried about losing my job. And if I have to, I'll seek legal advice.

Better safe than sorry.

19/08/2013: Well, as of today Amazon scrubbed all the latest bad reviews except one: 'mine'.

Gotta say, I'm a bit ambivalent about how 'I' am being positioned opposite Amir Muhammad. He's a much better writer and reviewer - and not just of books.


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