Thursday, 9 May 2013

Late News: Bestseller Figures, Rejection, And A Publishing Miracle

Last week's general elections was definitely eventful, but it seems a new circus is forming around the aftermath. So I dropped the ball on what's been happening in the book/publishing thing. On top of several planned articles and work.

  • Another reality check for self-publishers.
  • Rejection sucks. So take that rejection letter, shove it and carry on writing.
  • How many copies makes a self-published book a bestseller? Some success stories share some figures.
  • "...simply publishing e-books is already a thing of the past...". The Rumpus interviews writer Miracle Jones.
  • Microsoft is thinking of buying Nook after the B&N division was sort of spun off from the main retail arm. If this sale goes through, TechCrunch thinks B&N and Amazon might as well stop competing over e-books.


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