Tuesday, 16 April 2013

More News: Ink, Steak, Tweeting 'Turk' And Inside The Kindle

  • Ancient ink says "Gospel of Judas" is "most likely authentic". Feel like some Lady Gaga now.
  • Of these ten ways self-publishing has changed world of books, not sure if "self-publishing brings happiness".
  • A 'letter' to Filipino immigrants from a Filipino writer: "We'll be here if you want to read us." Dawww. If not for the Filipino hacks (and their emotion-stirring eloquence) hating on us over Sabah I'd be all teary-eyed.
  • Of these eleven stories of book burning, most were perpetrated by warmongers and religious fanatics.
  • Cats reign on the Internet, while dogs rule in print. Two schools of thought on the matter: one involves attention spans, the other, human narcissism.
  • A profile of the People's Recreation Community, a tiny Hong Kong bookstore that holds a trove of books banned in China, illustrates (as if it's not obvious by now) just how futile book bans are.
  • Is English spelling is 'so messed up'? Doesn't feel that way to me.
  • I'm OK, you're okay, we're all O.K. The most annoying or blah non-word began as a joke and took on a life of its own. Is it among history's first memes?
  • When I Was A Kid II headed for Kickstarter. Is it too early to book a copy?
  • Jason Merkoski, former Kindle development team leader, dishes on e-books, personal data, and Amazon. His inside story on the Kindle was serialised in The Huffington Post: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
  • Picking up Mahir "I Kiss You!" Çağrı's baton is the Twitter feed of a London-based Turkish restaurant. I'm not sure if the mind(s) behind the edgy, witty Tweets are actual Turks or local sockpuppets. Feel free to follow them, but no kisses - they have knives.
  • Steak is "manly"? Try some blood in a gourd cleaned with cow piss, like AA Gill says he did. Apparently it's the same. Gill goes on to write more about steak, which reminds me: I haven't eaten that in years.


  1. Hey, thanks for the post on the likely authentication of the Gospel of Judas! I appreciated the info on the analysis of the document. The discovery of those scrolls at Nag Hammadi a few years ago rocked the earliest history of the Christian church, so it's especially interesting to read that they seem to be authentic.

    For those who haven't been following this story, these texts were written at about the same time as the Gospels that are part of the New Testament but seem to have been rejected as heretical by later Christians. Never underestimate the power of an editor!

    1. "Never underestimate the power of an editor!" Or archaeologists. So much of our past remains buried in time and some of it may never be found. Their continuing work is why more of our history's being uncovered and rewritten - always fun and interesting.


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