Monday, 22 October 2012

News: Endings, Man Overboard, And Timing Is Everything

At last, Newsweek ends its print edition. Andrew Sullivan isn't all that crushed about it, comparing print mags to "horses and carriages" that exist "as lingering objects of nostalgia." Someone wrote a rebuttal of sorts but I forgot the link. Also going out of style: cookbooks.

What else has been going on?

  • The Man Group stops sponsorship of the Man Asian Literary Prize. They'll keep the Booker Prize running, though.
  • How to write a letter that sells your book. Of all the queries that have come my way, few had good cover letters. Before you do that, check out some things you may want to do before self-publishing.
  • In publishing, timing can be everything. Several cases of both good and bad timing are highlighted, including one author's very unfortunate novel.
  • Stephen King nearly busted for vandalising books - his books - with his signature.
  • The V-word keeps Rachel Held Evans's A Year of Biblical Womanhood out of a Christian bookshop. From the looks of it, they probably don't sell dictionaries, either.
  • Hay in the Parc, a lit-fest in a lockup that's contributing to rehab of young prisoners.
  • A "short" defense of verbosity in literature. Because, why not?
  • In Wales, the publishing industry is under a cloud.
  • Do e-reader manufacturers and publishers need to do more for the blind? Eventually, yes.
  • 21 authors attempt to write 140-character novels. The results are ... interesting.


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