Wednesday, 13 June 2012


In my latest listicle, I neglected to mention the passing of sci-fi giant Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) and historical fiction author Barry Unsworth (1930-2012).

Not much I could say, other than "RIP", which still sounds glib because, well, I'm not familiar with their works.

Someone I mentioned also passed away recently, but I didn't mark that, either. Until news of his condition broke, I had no idea this guy was big in the local indie music scene. And I only met his sister once.

Should I have said something anyway?

...When we're kids, we talk about growing pains. As adults, it is (or should be) ageing pains. Parts of me that didn't hurt or hurt easily are doing that now, perhaps more often than they should for my peace of mind.

But, maybe, I'm lucky I can still feel pain.

It'll be a stretch, but the next time a muscle cramp, migraine headache, stiff neck and the like comes on, I'll have to remind myself that maybe I'm not feeling pain.

Maybe I'm feeling lucky.


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