Sunday, 13 May 2012

Rescuing The Book Review And The Future Of Publishing

Can the Internet save the book review? Probably. Can Kakutani save the book review? Uh...

...If any book reviewer can save the review, I'd put my money - but not a whole lot - on these two: Lev Grossman, and a 16-year-old book critic that makes me look like a hack. I feel ancient... (what's with the hair?)

Other news
  • Trying to peer into the crystal ball of the publishing industry - a Canadian perspective. And here's Amazon's perspective.
  • A six-figure deal for a seven-book series: Is Samantha Shannon the next JK Rowling? Also: Why Barry Eisler walked away from a half-million-dollar book deal.
  • Here, have some Taliban poetry. And a senior Kuwaiti books censor speaks. No relationship whatsoever between the two.
  • Chinese dissident author Ma Jian on another fellow dissident: Qu Yuan, who's generally associated with glutinous rice dumplings and the Dragon Boat Festival. "...the story of Qu Yuan is quite possibly the story of all genuine, non state-approved Chinese authors."
  • Young historians risk academic cred in packaging their research as commercial books. Sounds kind of like ... Niall Ferguson, don't you think?
  • An essay on how we should speak English appears to make the case for "keep it simple" and "less is more".
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt plans to file for Chapter 11, a.k.a looking for bankruptcy protection.
  • The fate of used book stores in the digital age.
  • US study suggests readers may be influenced by characters in fiction. Does this explain book bans?
  • Even copy editors have bad days.
  • Want to know how to write best-sellers for India?
  • Banned: No "Shades of Grey" in Wisconsin, Georgia and Florida libraries.


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