Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More News: Sedaris, Screen Adaptations and Taliban Poetry


  1. Regarding the 'one book a year' article to which you provided the link: It would take me a year just to find the correct and concise words to express my disgust for that concept. Harper Lee wrote one book in her lifetime. 'Team Patterson' cranks out over a book a month. How many James Pattersons would it take to write 'To Kill a Mockingbird'? If a reader needs to gobble up a new book every few weeks, maybe he or she should start looking for more substantive fare. Take a break from the marshmallow fiction! Grrrrrrr...

    1. It's a new era in publishing. Even the length of books, the number to publish, and the time taken to write them are being defined by the age of instant gratification. Though the quality varies...

      The enemy is swarming over the walls, and so few gatekeepers in the industry try as hard as they used to. Hard to be a hold-out these days.


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