Tuesday, 3 April 2012

News: April Fool's Day, Publishing Landscapes And Books

April Fool's Day is an exceptionally dangerous time to believe everything you read on the web.

I avoided the pitfall that was Twitter shrinking its character limit, only to fall flat for the alleged John Scalzi manga project. Who wouldn't want that to be real? And The Shadow War of the Night Dragon sounds like something Scalzi would write.

And I bet some of us were thinking as we stared, enthralled, by the cover images, "WHEN CAN WE HAZ ANDROIDZ DREEM TREELOGEE MANGA?"

Other news
  • Chinese book publishing becoming more global as revenues of US$9.5 billion are expected this year. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, book sales are likely to remain poor. And here's a bit about the publishing landscape in Russia expected for this year.
  • A look at one year at publisher House of Anansi. And a bit about a quirky Canadian indie known as Invisible Publishing. Also, meet Concord Free Press, a new non-profit publishing model that gets "buyers" to donate to their favourite charities.
  • Quick fingers filch stuff at Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy.
  • In The Star, a writer and avid reader ponders the "50 Shades" phenomenon and a publishing world where popularity appears to eclipse quality. I just needed to use the word "eclipse".
  • I'm a little bewildered by the apparent racism in the tweets that can be collectively summed up as, "ZOMG HUNGER GAMEZ HAZ BLACK PPLZ?! WHY??!!" If that sounds absurd, it's because I think it is. Do I need to explain why?
  • On Cuba's Book Day, a publishing house plays a leading role.
  • James Patterson on his books and stuff.
  • Vook, a "digital publishing house in a box".
  • Enid Blyton classics to be brought into the 21st century?
  • Even with the bad news about the US' education system, this is surprising: US highschoolers are reading books beneath their average reading level.
  • About that missing post: due to uncontrollable circumstances, I had to remove it. Lessons learnt: Never blog when your sick or sleepy, and never blog, post or tweet anything on April 1st.


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