Sunday, 22 April 2012

MPH Quill Annual Issue 2012

Cover story for the Quill Annual issue 2012: Tan Sri Dato' Dr David Lai, CEO of housing developer Bandacaya Group.

Phillip Matthews asks whether great editors are born or evolved; Ellen Whyte talks about her obsession with book placement.

Kashini Krishnamurthy delves into the lair of the sleeping giant that is the Malay publishing industry; we catch up with Jeremy Chin, author of Fuel, one year on.

We also have Lau Siew May (Playing Madame Mao and The Dispeller of Worries) talks about the art of writing fiction; Shantini Suntharajah waxes lyrical (almost) over bookshops.

Mary Schneider introduces the old Penang through an old soldier's postcard collection; Tom Sykes explores the genius of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Third World literature of protest.

The Quill April-June 2012 issue is also out, too. Get them both now.


  1. Say, that article by Kashini Krishnamurthy regarding the Malay publishing industry...does it have any quotes from me or mentioned my blog The Malaysian Reader? She emailed me a couple months ago asking me a few questions about books and Malay publishers and said she'll include them in an April issue of Quill. This must be it.

    MPH used to give away Quill with every purchase. They don't anymore. More's the pity. I'm not prepared to subscribe to a quarterly magazine anytime soon, unfortunately.

    1. Why, yes, Mr Khairul Hezry a.k.a 'The Malaysian Reader', "who reviews all types of literature on his blog and has nothing but a profound love for reading." You mentioned something about Malay writers exploring other genres besides romance and how they need good Malay literature.

      I'm sorry about what happened with Quill. We're trying to get better, lit-related stuff in there so that people would buy it.


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