Monday, 26 March 2012

Ghostwritergate, Publishing Tips And "Literary Broccoli"

Ghostwriter Gripes
Julia Moskin's New York Times piece on cookbook ghostwriters stirred up quite a hot pot. Rachael Ray and Gwyneth Paltrow have denied using ghostwriters for their cookbooks. Some ghostwriters also spoke up. Moskin later explains her definition of ghostwriting in that article's context. Rachael Ray was not pleased.

Eater compiles several responses to what they call "Ghostwritergate". As usual, a chef (Eddie Huang of BaoHaus in New York) gives good advice on the matter, while defending Moskin and several other NYT food writers whom he says are "tearing down an industry built largely on lies."

In The Daily Beast, Regina Schrambling says almost every celeb cookbook these days is (sort of) ghostwritten and brushes off the whole thing as a "tempest in a tasting spoon."

Yeah. How many of us really cares if a celebrity cookbook was in fact ghostwritten?

Wanna publish a book?
Writers, power up your bio for (slightly) better publishing success.

Also: some PC Advisor advice on publishing an e-book. A computer/IT mag dishing e-book publishing advice? Books are becoming software.

While you're upping your CV, here are some resources on publishing industry terms and contracts. Hey, you learn the jargon with IT, too.

Other news
  • It seems you still have to queue up to check out library e-books online. Plus, other challenges.
  • Are the bells tolling for the Canadian publishing industry? Meanwhile, Canadian author Clare Marshall stays indie with digital self-publishing. "'s not a sprint, it's a marathon."
  • Was Oprah a boon to or bane of literature? This piece says "bane", apparently.
  • An author reached out to a book pirate who shanghaied his "English Monster" - and gets a response.
  • "Broken English": The rise of the imperfect narrator in fiction. Did the writer forget about Moira Young's Blood Red Road (which a commenter mentioned)? Or does it not count?
  • When tradition threatens: Liberian writer Mae Azango's story on female genital cutting forces her into hiding.
  • The life cycle of words, identified by science?
  • Did a missionary turned researcher find something in the Amazon that threatens modern linguistics?
  • Why it's a bad idea to think of translated foreign books as "literary broccoli".
  • Some medieval marginalia said to be from old manuscript copies written by monks. Drudgery of tedium, carpal tunnel, and complaints about equipment, handwriting, etc. The more things change....
  • Know your snark from your ad hominems.
  • France suggests taxing online giants such as Amazon to help indie bookstores. So French, right?
  • Someone has called Hemingway literature's Nike swoosh - and says Hemingway would be appalled. Not everybody liked him, though.


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