Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Source, Revealed

When I consulted am ENT specialist for the first time in years about my allergic rhinitis, I paid over RM250 for some overpriced medication - and advice to do nothing.

House dust mite, www.avoid-nasal-allergies.com
My tormentor(s), revealed.
At long, long last
Well, almost. All I needed to do was exercise, build up my immune system. Surgery for my stuffy turbinates was not recommended.

But of course, I fell off the wagon in no time. As expected, nothing improved. My condition probably worsened.

Months after attending an immunology seminar at Pantai Medical Centre, I finally got tested for allergies last weekend. The results came in yesterday afternoon.

"...severe allergic reaction to dust mites..."

Okay, so RM450 was forked out to confirm what should've been obvious. House dust mites are among the most common causes - if not the most common cause - of allergies in the country. But in my case, "severe". At least they didn't find any food allergies listed in the common test package...

At long last, I had answers.

Knowledge is empowering.


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