Sunday, 11 December 2011

News: Amazon, Freebie Freezes and Clumsy Prose

  • Amazon being accused of more and more predatory tactics. Is it time to Occupy Amazon?
  • Publisher William Morrow attaches provisos to review copies of books given to book bloggers. "Message is essentially: if you don't review enough of the books we send you, in the timeframe we want you to, you're out," tweets Rebecca Schinsky, a.k.a. @bookladysblog. The beginning of the end of book blogger freebies?
  • Another digital self-publishing success story: Lawyer Darcie Chan's e-published novel The Mill River Recluse. On a related note, the e-reader wave draws closer.
  • A group of people that's keeping the physical book alive: book designers.
  • Another poet quits the TS Eliot Prize shortlist over sponsorship by hedge fund firm Aurum.
  • What should be quite obvious: Why Amazon consumer book reviews cannot be trusted. Not saying that bona fide book reviews are 100 per cent all that...
  • David Guterson's modern take on Oedipus wins Literary Review's Bad Sex Award for 2011, beating the likes of Haruki Murakami (1Q84), Lee Child (The Affair) and Stephen King (11/22/63).


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