Sunday, 2 October 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Had I not slept the whole afternoon away yesterday and repeatedly fling angry, vaguely bird-shaped creatures into wood and concrete structures on screen, I could, perhaps, have made more out of the weekend. I believe I could have:

  • Fleshed out a couple of book reviews and wrote one more.
  • Ironed my clothes sooner.
  • Cleared out my storeroom a bit.
  • Got rid of the old desktop tower CPU and CRT monitor.
  • Got rid of the IT and programming-related books I no longer need.
  • Went for my usual evening walks.
  • Swept and mopped the floors.
  • Cleaned the fridge.

I did catch up on some much-needed sleep, though. Which is what I seem to be doing with all my weekends of late.

Ah, well. Here's to a packed, more productive week ahead.


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