Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Bourdain on Beirut

Safe at home, Tony B finally put down his feelings on the aborted Lebanon shoot for his No Reservations series. A full excerpt is available here, if you find the original ad-riddled article at a bit tedious.

There is no overwhelming anger towards the warring parties. He does not point fingers, or issue any clarion calls. Just pangs of regret at not being able to party, mingle, eat yummy Lebanese food, shoot it all and tell the world to drop by and get a taste of what might have been a great Lebanese adventure.

Along with the senseless fighting and loss of life, it's really among the saddest things about the current Middle East situation.


  1. :(

    BP: I... don't quite get what you mean. If you're sorry about the shoot or the situation there, well, so am I. But I'm glad he and his crew are OK.

    You take care, 'K?

  2. bourdain said it better than 500hours of cabel news could ever's sad those who are involved probably won't give a fuck after reading it anyway.

    you take care too! mwahs

    BP: Sad indeed. Nobody in the Middle East deserves all that.

    Good weekend!


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