Sunday, 28 May 2006

Names, And Links

What's this about naming or renaming airports after famous people? Can you imagine the hassle of informing numerous organisations about the impending name change every time a national hero dies, maybe once a decade? Or situations where you tell your associates: "I'm flying out of Dr M?" I'm so glad it's just called the "Kuala Lumpur International Airport".

Is it really necessary to have a URL to all your sources, especially when they will eventually expire? Do you have to clean them up or check them every now and then? What do you do about it?


  1. i think it's necessary. cited sources (esp newpapers) do eventually expire, but it is understood that the page was available at the time of the posting.

    BP: I'd be pretty disappointed to come to that post about a year later and find that the link is no longer viable. In a way it discourages me from writing about stuff I pull off the Net.

  2. don't quite get what you mean here....but your URL should stay the same unless blogspot yanks it from you and that happens only if you committed something against their TOS or you stopped blogging for like 6 months or longer.

    as for naming places/buildings after famous ppl, the name stays even when the 'hero' dies. e.g. UTAR and more.

    BP: Blogger can cut you loose if you're inactive for six months? Thanks for the tip.

    It's about renaming airports after heroes, like the George Best Belfast City Airport, I think it's called now.

  3. Somehow they just want to show their honor to the person by naming them after famous people!

    BP: Even animal species will go extinct eventually. Buildings will come down, borders redrawn, stars will collapse into black holes. So why bother?


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